Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Life Sucks, by Jen Sorenson

Josh: Do most bloggers blog every day?
Me: Well, it depends on the blog. The ones I am following, well, yes and no. I suppose one wouldn't be able to keep up with blogs the way people do if every blog was updated every day.
Josh: Maybe you shouldn't blog every day.
Me: I want to write every day. If I have an audience, I will. But, my shoulder and neck are hurting. My forearms, too. Maybe I can do pen and paper and the blog and just alternate.

Then my mom said something about needing more photos to break up so much text. And my dad said the entries are really long.

But here's the thing: If I write in my journal, my usual theme is My Life Sucks, by Jen Sorenson. Isn't that what everyone writes about in their journals? I mean, the whole point is to let it flow sort of therapeutically. I thought. Unless you are traveling, then it's to record. Which reminds me of Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad. He remarks about journaling - something about it being an odious task, but a task you are morally obligated to do. Anyway, if you read my journals you would think I was depressed, angry, ungrateful, and mean. And probably a bitch. Because that's what I write about! To wit: Today, so and so trespassed against me and I will show righteous indignation and then s/he will feel my wrath. The point being, when I write about food I am considerably sunnier. I could try to be so in my journal, I suppose, but who records nothing but joy in a journal? Those habitually happy people don't journal! This blog gets me focused on something other than my existential crises.

Maman est morte.

Don't worry, if you read French. That's just a nod to Camus, an existentialist.

So leftovers:

I have spoken of leftovers before, so I will not dither on the topic. I was going to write a poem, but I was so tired today and I let Sam watch an entire Sesame Street in one sitting ... followed by Julia and Jacques (for me) because I just couldn't think of what game to play and those bristle blocks looked so foreboding. Ug. So no poem today.

Let me just say that Josh figured out how to make the onions work, and they were delicious as leftovers! He is a bit of a savant in the kitchen. He simply doesn't have time, so I am allowed to be the culinary artiste. For the onions, he skimmed the fat layer off the top - since it hardened in the fridge - then boiled the port down. Yummy. The onions still had too much crunch for my taste, but the sauce made them palatable ... more than that, as I said. And you can see the potatoes in the photo! I made them with just a little butter and whole milk, and folded in a tiny bit of sour cream for lightness and a certain je ne sais quois. I definitely do not know how to spell that. And, actually, we do know quois because I just told you: sour cream.

Josh and I decided that the two English short rib recipes that we have from Mark Sorenson's Recipes are superior to this one from Best Recipes! One involves onion soup mix. Can't go wrong with onion soup mix.


  1. I like your blogs. I can count on them in a way that I cannot count on 2 year olds napping. So, thank you. EB

  2. I really enjoy your blog! I check it every day to see if you have updated. Not only do I get great food ideas....I also feel like I got a chance to chat with you! I miss you so! Please continue to post often! :)

  3. Thanks, Julie. Sweet, sweet Julie.