Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

My cat writes a blog. I need a blog.

Something I want to do for myself in 2010 is write. Every day. This is a big task, and will be even bigger when I go back to work, but a writer writes, right? And if I think I can do it, then I need to cultivate it. Yes. Cultivate.

I was motivated by the movie "Julie and Julia." I thought it would be fun to do something similar. Not revolutionary. It's all been done before. And Holy Moly, there are a lot of food blogs out there. So, maybe this one just sits with few fans ... no fans. But I am cultivating, so that's okay.

I thought I would start focusing on what I make every day. Because I am in the kitchen ... making things ... every day. I want to put photos up, too. Our iPhoto has a serious lag issue, so I am not sure about that working out.

Of course, I will throw in my musings on life. My thoughts on the roads here in Seattle will probably feature prominently. But food will be the lens, or the in, or the impetus, or the jumping off point!

So, today, I have made two cookies: peanut butter kisses and pfeffernuesse. The PBs are good. The others need more pfeffer. I can taste the cloves and nutmeg, but I want more kick from the pepper. I was shy on my grind. Need to be bold in 2010!

Photos to follow ... maybe.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for visiting Creative Kitchen! I'm really enjoying your blog. Thought your cleaning post was funny....I can relate. I always call myself a "reformed" perfectionist because I have been living with my husband for over 16 years now. Let's just say that things will never be to my standards so I gave up a long time ago. Life was too short to worry about perfection. Not that you are talking about having things perfect...I totally got where you were coming from. We have such a short amount of time in the day in which to accomplish it all. Not to mention we need breaks or we'd go crazy!

    I have 3 girls and now they add to the mess. I keep the home picked up esp the main room, and I've been training the girls....but it's definitely not perfect. I figure one day they'll be raised and out the house, and my house will be as clean as I always wanted it...and I'll probably be sad.