Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paella Como Dios Manda

I suppose paella is a casserole. I was just thinking that "paella" is the name of the pan whence the dish gets its name, much like the "casserole." But, really, casserole is American English for paella. How 'bout that?! 

I created this beauty on the grill, como Dios manda (as God commands). You will see no mussels because I don't believe in them. I refuse to be a barber and a cook; I will not trim their beards. No, I won't. Besides, you never get them all off. And, they are gross. Everything you can do with a mussel, you can do with a clam. Which are delicious and not hirsute in any way. I used spicy chorizo - not authentic Spanish, by any means, but definitely delicious. And I didn't get the socarrat right - that is, the crusty, brown bottom. Still working on that. It's good to have paella as a work in progress. It looks so intimidating, but, since it is a one-pot meal, it's quite easy, actually. Really. I swear.