Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I know. A little late, but I had to get all the photos uploaded, blah blah.

I got to do a little bit of everything on M Day. Josh said I got to decide what the day was about, and that he would execute to the best of his ability. Of utmost importance to me was that I did not want to set foot in the kitchen to clean or cook. At all. This might be surprising, since I obviously like to cook, and fancy that I don't do a terrible job at it. But when you are a homemaker, you spend hours in the kitchen, almost constantly with a rag in your hand wiping up, wiping up, wiping up. And we have so little counter space that I feel the need to completely clean up before I begin cooking ... you get the picture. I wanted one day of freedom. And this I was granted.
The day started with some lovely treats. Josh and I first ate a "French" sandwich and half a bagel with lox at the park with Sam running amuck. We came back, put Sam down for a nap, and enjoyed some pastries and conversation. The pink glaze was a little off-putting - it looks too much like a donut - but it was quite tasty, with thick pastry cream inside. In the background is a pithivier, I think they are called. An Italian slipper? Dunno. There is pear and pastry cream inside and it's my favorite.
For lunch, well, I made lunch. But I still ate it with my hubby, calmly and over conversation. Really I just prepared lunch from leftovers, so I did not over-exert myself. Quinoa with vegetables alongside the best veggie burger, and a herb creme fraiche.
Dinner was quite an affair. Josh decided to barbecue, and he headed to the store for foodstuffs. We had lovely grilled asparagus, which J skewered in order to avoid losing them all in the coal pit.
He also grilled bok choy, Anaheim chiles, and fennel, chopped them all up and added a soy-sugar-something dressing. Lovely.
The piece de resistance was a spicy rub grilled salmon. This is Copper River, wild, king, superduper salmon, and J cooked it perfectly. Yum.
There was even dessert: angel food cake with macerated strawberries.

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