Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Bother?

Again, I wish to talk about cooking for toddlers. Sheesh, this kid is killing me. I made him corn muffins (from a mix), and he liked them very much. The "but" comes in because I have to freeze half the batch so as not to let them mold on the counter. Well, His Royal Highness only likes fresh muffins, not reheated ones. How does he know they are reheated, should be your question. I figure he is a culinary savant and recognizes the previously-frozen texture. He asks for a muffin; he gets his muffin; he rejects his muffin. Then I get irritated. He usually licks it, then days, "Down down down." From the table, that is. Yes, he is that offended.

I thought he might like polenta. In addition, he is acquiring spoon skills, so the texture would have been perfect. He thought it odd or offensive somehow, though, so I turned the leftovers into a patty and melted cheese on top. It was quite good... and His Worship would have none of it. That's the patty in the center. The sinkhole in its center is where Sam probed it. The remaining items on the plate are store-bought and only sometimes accepted. It's kind of like a hunting cheetah, cooking for a toddler is, in that I succeed with my dinners about 20% of the time, which I think is about how often a large cat also succeeds with his dinners.

He didn't even like this homemade bread! Who doesn't like homemade bread? (The butter was my addition after he turned it down.)

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