Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gut Bomb #2

Dare I say it? All lamb ragus taste pretty much the same. *Wince* Turn from blow. That is, as long as there is tomato in it. You may recall the not-so-good ragu I made last month. That ragu did not taste the same as the others I have made because it tasted more like garbage. After that, I declared and averred that lamb shanks require tomato to cut the lambyness. There is a reason not everyone likes the taste of baby sheep, and tries to hide it under mint jelly. That gaminess ... which I would love to compare with the taste of actual game, but I haven't had any. I can only assume that lamb shank, with its thick, dank sort of flavor, is what deer would smack of. So, lamb, except for the tender bits like chops, need flavor enhancement and, at that, serious acid help. Serious Acid Help - take that as your band name, someone.

So, this is not the best lamb ragu I have made. I think the best is the one I made over a year ago to go along with the homemade potato gnocchi. I made it while my parents were visiting. But it was with lamb stew meat, now that I think of it. No matter. I'll get some photos out and the recipe at some point. You should know that making your own gnocchi is surprisingly easy and quick! I swear. Maybe you already know that.

Just as I said the season for English short ribs is over, so is that for lamb shanks. Of course, we shall partake of some racks and chops on the BBQ during the summer. Of course.

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