Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ricotta Tart

I discovered ricotta as dessert. I know, those of you with European influences are probably like, "Duh." I made little tarts with honey and ricotta for Sam once. Surprise! he didn't like them ... but I did. I decided to make this tart when my sister, M, was visiting.
I thought it was delicious, especially with the chocolate crust and orange and lemon zests in the mix. Josh confessed that he finds ricotta "chalky." That is not a pleasant description of anything, except chalk.
I also made a rhubarb compote. I had only eaten rhubarb once before, in brownies, and I had never worked with it. The fact that the greens contain a toxin kind of put me off. Nevertheless, this spring I resolved to try all the bounties of spring. My brain has finally held onto seasons and what grows when. Rhubarb heralds spring, so I needed to get some.

I cooked it too long such that it turned mushy, but it was still delicious - tangy and astringent, but sweet too.


  1. I am still trying to familiarise myself with the flavour of ricotta. So this lovely tart may just win me over.

  2. Yes, I highly recommend it as a dessert flavor. I know that people eat it without any sweetener, or with berries, but I need a little honey in mine - I think because I am accustomed to the extra-sweet American stuff. I must gradually wean myself to less sweetener!