Friday, June 11, 2010

Civilized Lunch

I told you about the book I was reading: French Women Don't Get Fat. It changed my thinking about food and meals, so much that I bought the French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook in order to complete my transformation.

One of the things Guiliano notes is that French women sit down to lunch. You eat several courses - small courses - sometimes with a glass of wine; you take time to enjoy this food. So I really want lunch to be a meal - something good, balanced - something that makes me feel nourished and not looking to snack 10 minutes after I am through. I have been eating a salmon burger and salad - great, but I am "hungry" not long after I finish.
So this past week I decided to make a frittata - leek and smoked salmon with some cheese melted on top - and a vegetable soup.

The soup is like a minestrone and was easily the best vegetable soup I have ever had. I made it from my newish Lydia Bastianich cookbook. And, yes, I did have a wee glass of wine with my lunch. When Sam goes down for a late nap and I know I am not going anywhere in the afternoon, I go ahead with my little tipple, thank you.
It's most civilized and I highly recommend it.

Recipes can take a while to type because I am slow. If you want the soup recipe, let me know and I will gladly type it out for you, dear readers.

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