Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lady who lunch

Ah, the real reason I stay at home with the kids - lunch. I get to fix what I want and eat it in front of my favorite telenovela. Actually, I don't really have a novela now. One of the best ones just ended: La Fuerza del Destino. This is how I keep my Spanish ability well exercised. 

bean de dok, mung bean pancakes with kim chi
I like to throw together a little leftovers with something new, most days. Here we have some bean de dok (I'm on a Korean kick), miso soup, and a salad with miso dressing. Quite the lovely lunch. 

I call lunch my "break." Whenever T decides to nap, I get my break. When I have both S and T at home, I do not get a break. They have conspired against me - taking naps at different times. Actually conspiring so that, when it's time for Sam's nap, T wakes up from his. I remember wanting to blog every day about food. I also remember that I was quite active on Yelp, even getting "elite" status. Now I am not really active in anything. Two kids and a husband make a big mess to stay on top of - just feeding them means I am in the kitchen a lot. Like, a lot. I haven't been feeling very bloggy - I haven't even kept up with reading the blogs I follow. I usually at least do that. Ah well. Phases, right? 


  1. One of the things I love about Tuesdays is that I get to make lunch at home. (Tuesdays is the day I'm not at work and mostly I stay home and study.)

  2. Isn't it so civilized to fix yourself a nice lunch and eat at a relaxed pace? Lunch is something the southern Europeans do well and the Americans do so so poorly. As a teacher, we get 25 minutes for lunch! Once I gather myself, walk to the lounge, etc., it's probably about 15 minutes to eat. So uncivilized. And so many people do "working lunches," as if this is a mark of what a great capitalist you are. So very uncivilized.