Friday, March 25, 2011


This lasagne, or the photo thereof, makes me think of styling food. And the fact that I don't. There is a blog that I like, called Tarelette, and the author is a food stylist. She put up a video of a styling session - props, alternate shots, the works. It was so interesting and awesome ... and time-consuming. I snap a few photos right before Josh and I dig in, so I won't be styling any time soon.

This lasagne is the best ever. I think it turned me into a white-over-red sauce gal. I'm not sure if people pick sides, but they should. That's some chard and mushrooms and couple of bell peppers thrown in for fun. I accidently used rice noodles, but they were really good, so I might make those my go-to lasagne noodle. I discovered that I should undercook the noodles by a couple of minutes in order to get the right texture with the lasagne. I've taken to undercook all of my pasta, actually, since I notice that it makes it too the plate perfectly al dente that way.

Since it is a white lasagne, I had to make a bechamel. I have been thinking this whole time that I am bechamel-challenged because of an utter fiasco with mac and cheese a few years ago. I have since discovered that I am a veritable bechamel genius and what I cannot figure out is the addition of cheese to make a cheese sauce. Phew. Mystery solved. I didn't have to add cheese to this masterpiece, thank goodness.


  1. i think the picture is amazing.. it tempts me anyway. dont you just grate cheese into the bechamel to make a cheese sauce... maybe a teaspoon of mustard powder too?

  2. Yes, you just grate the cheese in. I don't know what happens, but I get a gritty sauce. I thought that was the flour's fault, but someone told me that, no, it was my cheese incorporation method. I'll have to try again. I recently made a mac and cheese where I grated cheese into a bowl, poured the hot pasta over it, dumped the bechamel over that, and covered the bowl for five minutes. I stirred and voila! Mac and cheese.