Sunday, February 20, 2011

Becoming Filippina

I've got a whopping two dishes under my Filippina belt now. You may recall the many batches of lumpia I made. You may also recall the eclectic Thanksgiving meal we had this year with a curry soup, no potatoes of any kind, and pancit.

Among the several guests present at T-giving, was R's mother, in town from St. Louis to help with the new baby. R's mother is Filippina, so she brought pancit. For the uninitiated, this is a noodle dish with some carrots, cabbage, maybe celery, onions, maybe bean sprouts, and then a ton of different meats, fishballs, tofu, what-have-you. R's mom said that she used soy sauce for the sauce, and she served it with lemon wedges. I picked up a recipe at Uwajimaya that called for a soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken broth sauce, so I decided to go with that one. There was way too much liquid, though - a whole can of chicken broth? and no cornstarch? Crazy. So I made some adjustments. It was still saucy, but the flavor was good. I made my pancit with no meat at all and lots of cabbage. I served it with miso salmon and bok choy with tofu.
It led to those lunch days where I was excited to eat lunch because I had awesome leftovers that got envious looks from my fellow teachers as they munched on their school-lunch chicken pucks.

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