Thursday, February 4, 2010


Genius, is what pickles are. I know that Korea, Japan, and Mexico have a pickling culture. Germany, too, I suppose with that sauerkraut. The US does, sort of, but it's limited in the mainstream, isn't it? I mean, you say "pickle" to Joe on the street and the picture in his mind is of a cucumber pickle. And he eats it with or on a sandwich. We have relish for hot dogs, but the hot dog eating world is divided on its application. The aforementioned countries, however, have some serious pickling of a wide variety of items. Well, does Germany do more than kraut? Is there a plethora of kraut flavors? I understand that, in Japan, it's customary to have something pickled with breakfast. I assume that kick starts one's digestive system. Genius.

I have a mental block for pickles in the morning. Now, that is. I also had a mental block for fried rice and samosas in the morning - then Beijing happened. So, I could do it, I'm sure. Fried rice, one of those black (tea-boiled?) eggs, and some pickles. Yum.

What has me waxing philosophical about pickles, you ask? And where is the photo?

First, I just had some lovely and picante pickles of the Mexican variety. I LOVED them. Cauliflower, carrot, and peppers that are softened ever so slightly by the vinegar. You get the satisfying crunch and then the spice hits you. I could eat a plate full of just those. My respect and admiration for a taco joint surge when I get a scoop of pickles on my plate. This recent one was a meager scoop, but the establishment scored points nevertheless. I had to contain my excitement, sitting there with my mother, sister, and Sam, so that I could gush it all to you, fair readers.

Second, no photo because we are on the road and this computer is no where near what I am used to. It keeps telling me, in fact, that my blog is very complicated and I really should update software. Not happening.

I do have an excellent pickles recipe that I will include once I get home. And I'll pickle something and take a picture.


  1. Brendan is right there with you with the Mexican pickled veggies. He just loves them.

    I have been really enjoying your blog. The best thing about it is that your personality comes out in the writing. You can clearly hear your voice. Miss you.


  2. Awesome. Thanks for following. Yet again, the other day, I told Brendan's story about sweeping Harrison's mouth with a finger coated in spicy pepper juice. I just might tell that story more often than B does. When I get back, we should head to the zoo or aquarium, or something .... Happy hour!